“A Place for Everyone! “

Welcome to The Peloton Cafe, Hulls newest cafe located within the Warners Health Club & Physio centre on Pickering Road, Hull.

Open to the public, we are a welcoming cafe with a wide variety of both hot and cold drinks as well as a variety of snacks, cakes and food items.

After campaigns both on social media and on and off site, the name for the cafe was chosen and now we can finally launch the name of the cafe as ‘The Peloton”.

The Peloton – Definition. 


Noun | pel·o·ton | pe-lə-ˈtän 

If you’ve ever watched cycling, or most commonly, le Tour de France, you will have undoubtedly seen or heard the phrase “the peloton”; the brightly coloured, main pack of riders. From this you may have also gained some inadvertent insight into the word itself, which as you may have already guessed is of French origin.

In the French language , “peloton” literally means “ball,” but it is most often used with the meaning “group” or “everyone”. It is commonly used in cycling context, just as in English, but, unbeknown to most it can also refer to a group in any race, marathon or other sporting event.

French peloton can also mean “squad” or “platoon,” and since we’ve told you that you probably won’t be too surprised to learn that it is also the source of our word platoon.

The Peloton, drafted from its translation, is a place for everyone, whether you are a frequent visitor, walking your dog on a Sunday morning, or are just passing by.

We would like to welcome inside to relax and refresh.

Coming June 2017!